The Greater St. Charles Fashion Week

Fullhouse Productions will be participating in with "The Greater St. Charles Fashion Week" event. We will be providing sound and music for the fashion shows!

For more information please go to streetscape magazine.


Quality Control

Quality is only achieved when everybody communicates and works together as a team. Our team members at Fullhouse Productions are carefully selected. Each team member must have a passion in his or her trade. With the prior experience from the team member's trade we will cross train that employee in another area of interest. Most of our staff has college degrees. At Fullhouse Productions we want to keep our well trained team and we achieve this by compensating our employees more than your typical entertainment company offers their employees.

Y-98 Mega Wedding

In 2009 we were the selected DJ company for the Y-98 Mega Wedding for our Y-98 Mega Wedding Winners Ryan and Liz. Everybody danced all night long. Liz and Ryan had a great time. The wedding reception was a success. For more information on the reception please goto