Services 2011

Fullhouse Productions is now offering new packages and services. Our new packages for wedding services now includes 2 DJ's. We focus on quality and only send our DJ's to certain events they are skilled in. Why send a DJ that is skilled in club DJing to a wedding? We only send wedding DJ's to weddings, Interactive DJ's to events that require an Interactive DJ.

This year we are offering more accent lighting options such as LED up-lighting, larger projectors (LCD 3500 Lumens) for video services, provide skirts for our speaker stands, bring partitions that provide a formal look which helps conceal our equipment on the table.

Why put all of your eggs in 1 basket? Has your computer ever locked up on you? When you hire a DJ that only uses a Laptop and no CD back-up you could be putting your event at risk.. Fullhouse Productions has gone digital with fail-proof Laptop and CD integrated systems. We use Serato Software with Denon & Pioneer CD systems. With our computer interfaced systems we have thousands of songs available at a moments notice!

Fullhouse Productions provides services that other companies do not offer such as full color laser light show services, high power laser light show services and vintage disco lights (Coemar, Clay Paky, High End Systems) upon request.

Currently we are working with other companies to offer more options for larger entertainment packages. If we do not have what you are looking for we can defiantly recommend you to the right vendor. Our goal is to provide a selection of top quality vendors we have worked with in our industry.

When planning any event it can be challenge for some and second nature for others. We believe each customer should have a piece of mind when it comes to planning any event. Should you need any vendors services please visit our vendor links page.


In 2010 we provided the sound and music for the St. Charles Fashion Week Fashion Show at the Ameristar Casino. The event was a success and we had the privilege to work with many music artist as well as design artist. We would like to say thank you to Streetscape Magazine, Ameristar Casino and to everyone that was at the event.

In 2011 Fullhouse Productions will be providing music and sound services once again for the St. Charles Fashion Week Fashion Show. We are very excited to help out with this event and look forward to seeing everyone there. Be sure to come out to the event. The fashion show dates are August 24 - August 27.

Quality Control

Quality is only achieved when everybody communicates and works together as a team. Our team members at Fullhouse Productions are carefully selected. Each team member must have a passion in his or her trade. With the prior experience from the team member's trade we will cross train that employee in another area of interest. Most of our staff has college degrees. At Fullhouse Productions we want to keep our well trained team and we achieve this by compensating our employees more than your typical entertainment company offers their employees.


In 2009 we were the selected DJ company for the Y-98 Mega Wedding for our Y-98 Mega Wedding Winners Ryan and Liz. Everybody danced all night long. Liz and Ryan had a great time. The wedding reception was a success. For more information on the reception please goto